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Do you have a clunker car just laying around?

Cash for Cars in Vista can help you turn that clunker into cash! We are a junk yard in Vista. Need junk car removal? Cash for Cars in Vista has you covered!

Types of cars we accept:

We buy cars in Vista;

  • Used cars: a used car is a pre-owned vehicle that has had one or more owners.
  • Junk cars: a junk car is a car that is old and/or damaged, typically it is better to sell these cars rather than to put money into repairing them.
  • Damaged cars: damaged cars are cars that have damage from an accident or collision.
  • Non-running cars: non-running cars are cars that does not run and is no longer safe to drive.
  • Salvaged title cars: a salvaged title car is a car that has been damaged and the insurance company has deemed as totaled.
  • As-in condition cars: this is a car that you can sell as in the state it is currently in.
  • Cars that won’t pass emissions: A car that won’t pass emissions is a car that didn’t pass an emissions test. Usually this is due to a defective oxygen sensor or faulty injectors.
  • Nice cars: Nice cars are cars that are in good, working condition.

Cash for Cars in Vista accepts them all! Pretty much any car that you may have laying around Cash for Cars in Vista will make you an offer over the phone. We may even buy your car the same day that you call us or fill out our online contact form!

How much is your car worth?

Each car is unique and certain makes, models, and years have a different value. Higher end brands will usually be worth more than lower end brands, and newer cars are typically worth more than older cars, however there are some exceptions. If you would like a solid number for your cars worth call Cash for Cars in Vista right now!

Why do we choose to buy these junk cars?

Your junk car that is just laying around may have scrap metal value and/or may have parts that may be in high demand. Depending on what type of car you may have we will recycle it or use it for parts.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

This is exactly what we do when it comes to your used cars. Leave the guilt behind when you sell your car to us. We will recycle it or reuse it for parts, so you don’t have to worry about leaving it laying around to rot in a landfill or who knows where. We are an Earth friendly company that does what we can to reduce our ecological footprint. Who knows where your old junk car may end up if you sell it to someone else? Leave your worry behind and sell your car to Cash for Cars in Vista today!

What is required to sell us your car?

It is best if you have the title in hand, however if it’s a car from California we can accept your registration as long as the car is paid off without any lien holders.

Why choose Cash for Cars in Vista?

Cash for Cars in Vista takes the hassle out of trying to sell cars on your own time or trading in your car. Why spend your time posting ads on Craigslist or other marketplaces? When we will pay cash for junk cars in Vista. Don’t want to deal with car dealers back and forth trying to make a deal? Don’t worry Cash for Cars has you covered! Don’t want to post ads yourself? Don’t worry, because there’s no need to. We’ve got you covered and can get money in your pocket today! Who wants to deal with Craigslist no-shows when you can simply just sell us your car NOW? Get cash in your hands today and call Cash for Cars in Vista or fill out our online contact form!

Why choose us instead of an online sale or other company?

  • Other companies don’t accept all the different types of cars that we do.
  • We make the process frictionless!
  • Can get cash in your hands TODAY!
  • Such an easy and simple process give us a call today or fill out our online contact form!
  • We want to help YOU!
  • Very quick process!
  • We recycle your car or reuse the parts from it.

How does it work?

Are you a person with a busy schedule? Have no free time to come down and visit us? That’s not a problem! We will come to you if you accept our offer and pay you cash for your car on the spot! Just simply call or fill out the online contact form to get an instant price from Cash for Cars in Vista! We are often able to even tow your car away on the same day you contact us! You won’t regret your decision!

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