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Cash for Cars in Escondido


Our company ensures that vehicles earn the top price based on a variety of factors. We started as a junk yard in Escondido and have grown from our humble roots to a company known for positive customer experiences. We aspire to grow into the number one car buyer in the Escondido area.


We purchase cars the very same day, this means cash in your pocket when you need it. Your cars may be worth more than you believe, even junk cars, due to the amount of recyclable materials they provide.

We also take the stress out of selling your cars to a dealership and having to haggle, and private parties that might leave the seller feeling frustrated and hopeless. At Cash for Cars in Escondido we are dedicated to providing customers with quality service and a pleasant experience.

How fast will a car sell?

When calling our friendly representatives, a qualified buyer will be out within an hour or two. From there they will inspect the car, determine its value, and the vehicle will be removed free of charge. This means instant money in your pocket, and a hassle free selling experience.

Why you should sell to us vs them?

On top of avoiding the hassle of driving your vehicle around for quotes to dealerships, where they will offer you the lowest amount in favor of increasing their profit, we offer:

  • No hassle guarantees
  • Sale occurs quickly to give you money faster
  • Haggle free selling experience
  • Trusted and honest employees
  • Avoiding classified sites
  • Lost paperwork
  • Mechanical or body damage not an issue
  • Moving out of town requiring a fast sale
  • Sales occur when most convenient for you
  • Free same day towing available
  • Contact forms available for instant price

Why are we better than classifieds?

Unlike classified websites, we make our intentions known from the very beginning. Our representatives and buyers are all friendly, honest individuals. Can the same thing be said about someone on a random website?

Have you ever scheduled a time to meet with a potential buyer and they either offer lower than you had asked, are condescending, or just do not show up? That is never an issue with Cash for Cars in Escondido.

With our services we are able to come to your location within an hour or two after your call is placed, remove the vehicle for free of charge, and put cash in your pocket. Easy! Can the same thing be said about selling as a private party? Our goal is to make the car selling process streamlined and convenient.

Why to sell your old cars?

Older cars are less safe than modern cars, and typically harder to repair due to the unavailability of materials. This means repairing the cars may become cost prohibitive. This is where the saying “cash for clunkers” would come from. Many older cars may not pass emissions testing as easily, so selling your clunkers is a great way to help the environment and to put extra money in your pocket.

Benefits of Modern Cars

Modern cars are much more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly, and parts are more easily accessible for the sake of repairing them. This allows them to live out lengthy lives without damaging our environment.

How do you buy cars at such a great price?

This is an excellent question! Prices are at record-highs for aluminum and steel, major components of older vehicles. For this reason, we are able to offer top dollar for your clunkers and unwanted vehicles.

How are vehicles disposed of?

Either cars are repaired to the best of our ability, to continue out their useful lives, or recycled. Automobiles are all disposed of with our companies environmentally conscious views in mind. Hazardous waste is handled by licensed firms with the proper disposal technology, unlike other companies that may try to take shortcuts. We are strongly dedicated to protecting our community of Escondido, and the rest of California for that matter.

Think your car will not sell?

Here are Cash for cars in Escondido, we purchase a wide variety of vehicles.

These include but are not limited to:

  • As-is condition cars
  • Nice cars
  • Damaged cars
  • Non-running cars
  • Junk cars
  • Car that failed to pass emissions testing
  • Salvaged title cars
  • And so much more!

How much is my car worth?

Car value varies due to numerous factors. Mileage, condition, and demand are all things to consider. Call us today or bring your car in to discover the true value of your used vehicle.

Bring your car to Cash for Cars in Escondido, or call us for free of charge junk car removals, and we can guarantee a pleasant car selling experience. (760) 453-0101

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